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November 24, 2022

When I left the corporate world and started my yoga and meditation journey, I put away my elegant suits and beautiful dresses, shelved my collection of designer heels, and donned my yoga pants. Day in and day out. But I got tired of the tight, stretchy, monotone pants and the tops that left me feeling less than elegant!  And as I became more conscious of how clothes are made off-shore, so often not ethically or eco-responsibly, I knew there had to be a better way to dress for yoga.

It was one of the things I dreamed of from the very beginning as an integral part of my mindful lifestyle brand…a line of beautiful and unique clothes that would change the way we dress for yoga.   I knew nothing about clothing design and manufacturing, but I have an eye for beautiful clothes.  And of course any HUM collection had to be:

  • Elegant as well as ultra comfortable, on and off the mat
  • All-natural, responsibly sourced, sustainable fabrics
  • A touch of luxury, with beautiful details
  • Ethically made in Canada

Happily, I was able to collaborate with Sonja Den Elzen, the multi-talented designer and owner of Zen Nomad (she’s also a yoga teacher, sound journey practitioner and Traditional Chinese Medicine healer!).  We are like-minded souls, with a similar ethos and the same love of luxurious details and fabrics.  So it was a perfect match.

The design process was a beautiful journey together.  But we faced a lot of challenges to bring our collection to life as we were in production at the end of 2020 and early 2021, in the middle of the pandemic.  Fabric coming from Europe was delayed for months, then stuck on the ship in Montreal due to the port closure.  And our sewing contractors in Toronto kept having to close mid-production.  But we finally did it!   

Together we created a collection of elegant & ultra comfortable yoga and meditation clothes that add a touch of sustainable luxury to your practice wardrobe. They are beautifully tailored in Canada from the finest quality, all-natural, eco-friendly fabrics imported from Europe. All in a gentle palette of natural shades, ecru, soft greys, rich charcoal…with just a touch of glorious, vibrant red.

Every detail…from the designs to the high quality and eco-responsibility of the fabrics to the high-end finishes…has been mindfully considered to offer you the highest eco-responsible quality and a unique style.  Even adding one piece from our collection to your yoga wardrobe, (a top, a pair of pants, a kimono, a cardigan...) will change the way you feel about yourself.

We think they are so beautiful you’ll want to wear them everywhere!  We do.

The collection was designed with intention as an invocation of inner peace…peace in mind, body and spirit.   We called it The Shanti Collection, “shanti” being the Sanskrit word for peace.  

Shanti Hum : I am Peace

Isn’t this the perfect mantra to carry with us into today’s world?!?






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