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If you think about vibration, surely it’s sound, but it’s also a deeper sensing, which comes into your meditative state and the re-sounding of a chant or vibratory intonation. Our design language plays to this quality. 
Which is our resonance—our shimmering.  Inhalation and exhalation.  The vibration of alignment.  Moving into stillness.   
This is what we had in mind when we set out to create the perfect meditation cushion for your daily practice.
The collection offers you a variety of styles and heights to enable you to find the best posture for comfort and easy breathing, for stillness in body and mind.  The beautiful HUM fabric designs have been specifically created to subtly support your meditation with patterning on pattern, message inside message — sacred calligraphic art and the resonant treatment of our mantra, our word: HUM.  
Mandalas and Mantras will resonate along with you during your meditation.  
The streamlined designs and beautiful fabrics add elegance and serenity to your home sanctuary.