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The Purpose behinD the patterns

Everything HUM is designed with love, intention, and a careful attention to the tiniest detail. The beautiful and meaningful patterns you see on the fabrics of our meditation cushions and other offerings are the unique language of HUM. But they are not just pretty designs…it goes so much deeper.  Tim Girvin (of GIRVIN Strategic Branding and Design) is the creative mind, the thinker behind our patterning language. Tim is an artist, a calligrapher, a meditator, a seeker, a surfer, a storyteller and a branding guru. I am extremely lucky and grateful that he has been a source of inspiration and a patient mentor on my journey, helping me express my vision, tell my stories and reveal the soul of HUM. Let Tim inspire you too through his work and his writings:


I asked Tim to explain the meaning behind our patterns and motifs, and here are his magical words.

"Pattern on pattern, message inside message, story inside story.... That’s like the gong and the smaller bell — there is the deep note, and there is the tinkling of the smaller resonation — and still, the sound keeps coming out of the flowers in the temple, long after the stroke of the bell is gone. "