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We are committed to creating products that are socially and environmentally responsible, ethically made.  Each product is made from the highest quality, all natural materials (mostly organic or wild crafted).  We focus on local production (many of our products are proudly Made in Canada) and on supporting artisans and small businesses.  Each piece has been thoughtfully designed and made exclusively for HUM, or handpicked for their uniqueness and their support of local artisans and traditions.

Learn more about the decisions we have made to meet these commitments HERE.

Our HUM products are all proudly Made in Canada.  Other items chosen for our collection come from artisans in countries such as Nepal, Brazil, Peru.  Each product page lists the country of origin.

Buckwheat hulls are the firm shells that protect the nutritious triangular-shaped buckwheat seed (which is then ground into flour, think of buckwheat pancakes).  Once removed, the buckwheat hulls are usually discarded as they not edible by humans or animals.  They are ideal as a filling for meditation cushions as they are firm, malleable and create an ergonomic cushion that conforms to the contours of your body.  Buckwheat hulls are an all-natural, sustainable material.  And our buckwheat hulls are certified organic, grown in Manitoba, Canada, and specially cleaned before being ready for use in our cushions.

The buckwheat hulls in your cushion will settle when you begin to use it, and will eventually break down a bit after a few years of use.  You can easily adjust the loft of your cushion by adding or removing the buckwheat hulls through the zippered opening of your cushion.  Two-pound bags of our certified organic buckwheat hulls are available to purchase for this purpose.  Please contact us at we-care@hum.life for more information.

About Currency Conversion

We are based in Canada, so our default currency is in $Canadian. You can see US prices (based on the current foreign exchange rate) by toggling the currency converter at the top right of the website, next to the cart.  PLEASE NOTE, if you place an order, once the checkout process begins, prices will revert automatically back to $Canadian, and your credit card will be charged the Canadian amount.  Your credit card company will do the conversion to $US.  Their exchange rate might be slightly different.

About Shipping

We ship to Canada and the US.  For estimated shipping charges, the shipping calculator in your shopping cart will allow you to see the real-time costs of your shipping options.

Please note that our products ship from Canada.  Therefore we do not charge you sales tax, but there may be local taxes and duties collected upon delivery that are the buyer’s responsibility. 

Sorry, we cannot ship to PO boxes, APO or FPO addresses.

About Wholesale

No, sorry, we are limiting the distribution of HUM products at this time to our own website, and just a few strategic partners.