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November 16, 2021

If you want to feel more stable in your standing poses, to reach further and stretch deeper, to release and relax more completely in restorative poses, then yoga props will be your new best friends. 


Props are ideal for any yogi, from beginners to advanced. They provide the support that you may need to find proper alignment, to reach a little further, so that you can practice safely. They can make poses easier and more accessible for all bodies. They provide the support, comfort and freedom to linger longer and explore a pose.  


And when we can linger comfortably in a pose, we have the opportunity to focus on our breath, to listen to what our body has to tell us.  Holding a pose for longer develops physical and mental stamina, as well as builds confidence.  And finally, supporting the body with props for yin yoga and restorative yoga allows the muscles to relax and the work can go deeper, beyond the muscles and into the fascia (connective tissue).


Every yogi needs a few props in their kit of yoga essentials. Here are some ways you can use props in your practice.



4 favourite ways to use your yoga bolster

A sturdy yoga bolster is an excellent tool to use for support, improved alignment and greater comfort during yoga poses.  They can support a gentle chest opening, gentle backbend, and wherever you need a soft raise.  A bolster is particularly useful during restorative yoga, helping you to relax and rest  in a pose for longer, getting maximum benefits from each pose.


4 favourite ways to use your yoga block

Blocks are one of the most useful props for yoga, enabling you to ease into the poses with more confidence, to help you go deeper, explore better alignment and to stay longer in each pose.  Yoga blocks are handy tools because they offer three different height settings (low, medium, high) so you can choose the height you need in each pose. They create a bridge between your body and the floor, allowing you to ease into a pose with more comfort and confidence. For more fun ways you can use your yoga blocks, click here.


4 favourite ways to use your yoga strap

A yoga loop strap is a practical tool to help you gain flexibility and go deeper and allow you to go deeper into a pose, particularly straight leg seated poses, allow you to go the the edge safely and with comfort.  A yoga strap will also enable you to extend you reach (for example behind your back).  And also, a yoga strap be used to restrain your movements (for example) to prevent legs from moving further apart in a bound angle pose).  


And of course every yogi needs a yoga mat…

You can certainly practice yoga on the floor, the carpet or the grass.  But with a good quality yoga mat that offers good grip, you will stay firm and solid in the pose, so you can focus on doing the pose itself instead of on your hands and feet slipping.  Finding the right yoga mat can be a real game changer in your practice.   Want some tips on how to choose your yoga mat?  Click HERE.


Discover our collection of beautiful, ethical, eco-conscious yoga props to help you go deeper, explore better alignment and to stay longer in each pose.

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