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January 26, 2023

One of the most powerful practices you can use to raise your vibration is chanting a Sanskrit mantra...and especially chanting OM.  It's an opportunity for you to see how you can harness the power of vibration for your practice and your life.

What exactly is a mantra? A mantra is a word or a phrase in the ancient Sanskrit language that encapsulates a higher ideal. It’s a tool you can use to stay focused in meditation. Mantra meditation is done by repeating a chosen mantra over and over (either out loud or silently).

And mantra practice is rather magical, with much more than meets the eye. It uses energetic vibrations to help us to connect with something greater than ourselves, to energize our minds and bodies, and to create a specific state of being for ourselves.

One of the most sacred and powerful of all mantras is the mystical symbol OM.  It can be used on its own (you will often hear OM chanted in a yoga studio, to open or close a yoga practice), and is also very often used at the beginning or end of a longer mantra (like OM MANI PADME HUM).  OM is pure vibration, the primordial sound of the universe and connects us to universal vibration and energy.  OM is a mantra to connect with your higher self, with your true nature.

You just can’t miss the powerful experience of vibrations when you chant a Sanskrit mantra.  Try chanting OM to find out how it feels.  If chanting OM is not something new for you, today I invite you to really feel into the chant, to notice the vibrations in your body and the effect this has on your state of mind.  HERE’S HOW:

  • Set a timer for three minutes.  (If you’re resistant to chanting for 3 minutes, ask yourself why. And then just do it anyway, even for 1 minute.)
  • Sit in your quiet practice space where nobody will disrupt you, and if you are shy about chanting choose a place where nobody will hear you.
  • Close your eyes and say the word OM out loud.  Go ahead, no one is listening.  Pronounce it A (aaw)…U (ooo)…M (mmmm).  Then pause in silence.
  • Notice where you feel the resonance of each syllable in your body…do you feel it in the belly, the throat, the head or elsewhere?  Each syllable will be subtly different.  Just explore that.  It seems that, linguistically, this pronunciation of OM (AUM) the sum total of all the sounds that can emanate from the human throat.
  • Continue chanting OM over and over for three minutes with careful attention to the vibrations you experience.
  • When you’ve finished chanting, sit silently and observe how you feel in your body and notice your state of mind.

How do you feel after chanting? Do you notice any shifts in your energy? Did you notice anything while you were chanting? For example, did you experiment with tone, volume, length?


If you’d like learn more about the sacred and vibrational nature of the Sanskrit language and about other easy mantras, learn more HERE:  The Secret Power of Sanskrit Mantra



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