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March 17, 2020

Yoga and meditation are excellent ways to find peace and calm in the midst of anxiety and uncertainty. To find compassion for ourselves and others. To find joy and celebration in unexpected places. To find clarity, creativity and confidence.


Today, these powerful practices are more relevant and helpful than ever.


The mission of HUM, from the very start, has been to inspire and empower as many people as possible to embrace a daily HOME yoga and meditation practice.  Because I know from experience that this is where we can get the most of the transformative and exponential benefits the practices offer. With this mission in mind, I have created a growing library of free content to help you cultivate a home practice that is enjoyable, motivating and meaningful. And of course my collections of thoughtfully-designed and ethically-made practice essentials are there to help you make your HOME practice a delightful, uplifting and very personal experience.


Now, more than ever, HOME has become a haven for each of us. I never imagined that we would all be spending so much more time at home, that schools, businesses, gatherings and yoga studios etc. would be temporarily closed to avoid the spread of Covid-19. It’s certainly an intense and unprecedented event for all of us. And for many of us, it may be fraught with fear, doubt and anxiety.


Daily yoga and meditation can help. Really!


And so I think this could be the perfect time for us to focus on cultivating our personal yoga and meditation practice, to create our home sanctuary, and to find the most perfect rituals to make our practice more powerful and meaningful. 


I’ve gathered together links to the most relevant and useful resources I have to help you and support you as you create or go deeper into your own personal home practice.  Pick and choose what you feel meets your needs right now.  You may have read some of them already, but maybe today you will see them with new eyes, and new needs.


I hope this content serves you well.  It has been created with the best of intention, and a whole lot of love.  Please share with anyone you think might benefit from these ideas.


And if you have any more ideas to inspire us, please let us know in the comments below. 



A POWERFUL PRACTICE MADE EASY, yoga and meditation grounded in mindfulness and forged into one powerful, transformational practice.


Top 10 Tips to Start Your Home Yoga and Meditation Practice - These are my top 10 tips to help you build a daily yoga and meditation routine that is easy, enjoyable, personal.  Your own source of joy, peace and inspiration. 


D.I.Y. At-Home Yoga and Meditation Retreat - Turn this extra time at home into a personal retreat. Here is how to do it.


How to Create Your Personal Yoga Practice - This shows you how to choose poses to create a sequence that will help you to find the higher energy you’d like to embody. It includes a 4 step structure to use as the basis to create your sequence, keeping it simple. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be powerfully effective.


5 Essential Techniques for Every Yoga Pose - When you are practicing on your own, these techniques will allow you to stay present in your body and in the moment, help you to enjoy and experience every pose in a deeper way, and to practice safely.


7 Essential Poses for Every Yoga Practice - If you are relatively new to yoga, these 7 poses that appear most frequently in yoga practices are explained. You could just do any or all of these and have a great practice.


Get Started with Meditation - This page explains all the benefits of meditation, provides a simple 4 step methodology to get started and 5 easy meditations you can do right now.


12 Tips to Start Your Daily Meditation Practice- These 12 tips will help you to have the right mindset, to create the most comfortable conditions, and to help you practice meditation with ease.


How do I find the right yoga mat? - Do you usually use a studio mat? Perhaps now you’d like to get your own personal yoga mat. This posts will help you the best choice.


4 Ultra Restful Ways to Use Your Yoga Bolster - We may need a little “comfort-yoga” right now, to create deep rest and relaxation. These restorative yoga poses using your bolster for support can provide that comfort.


7 Fun Ways to Practice Mindfulness - These unexpected ways to practice mindfulness can help you to remain grounded in the present moment, and to see things differently. They are helpful and healthy activities to do by yourself, but I also thought they might be useful ways to introduce kids to mindfulness and keep them busy at the same time.



A PERSONAL HOME SANCTUARY that inspires you to practice everyday.


Create Your Home Sanctuary - One of the most important keys to a successful and consistent home practice is to have a dedicated space in your home, a sanctuary that you can retreat to for yoga and meditation. Here are 10 ideas to inspire you to create your own personal home sanctuary, one that is your source of inspiration and motivation. 


The Sensorial Practice: Make your Practice a Delightful, Memorable, Personal Experience - I feel strongly that harnessing the power of our 5 senses can connect us more deeply to our practice, to the present moment, and to ourselves. This page explains how you can do that. It’s one of my favourite ways of approaching yoga, meditation and mindfulness.





Empower Your Practice with Rituals - Rituals can add depth and distinction, texture and richness to your home practice - even adding just one ritual to your home practice will change the way you experience it. Let these 12 ideas inspire you to make your yoga and meditation a non-negotiable part of your day.


Sacred Smoke - We all seem to be drawn to the magical and evocative fragrant fumes of burning incense. Perhaps it’s the scent of it, evoking long forgotten memories, forgotten sensations.  Perhaps it’s the power of the smoke itself.  This article will take you deeper into understanding this ancient ritual.



And of course we have all collections, everything you need to create your own personal home practice. Everything is designed to support you. And every box will arrive with a whole lot of love and joy and gratitude.

Please explore our COLLECTIONS.


Sending you love, support and good vibes in these crazy times.  Stay well!



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