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5" ANANDA Meditation Cushion

Find blissful comfort during your meditation practice with the elegant, streamlined, eco-conscious ANANDA cushion. Designed for optimal comfort, ANANDA is 14” diametre and available in 3 different heights (3”, 5” or 7”) to adjust to your body and your practice.  The 5" height is the most universal, and the most popular.

The beautiful HUM fabric designs have been specifically created to subtly support your meditation with patterning on pattern, message inside message — sacred calligraphic art and the resonant treatment of our mantra, our word: HUM.  Mandalas and Mantras will resonate along with you during your meditation.  Learn more about our fabric designs and find the one that speaks to you HERE.

Mindfully made in Canada with 100% certified organic cotton canvas, hand filled with 100% certified organic Canadian buckwheat hulls.

For ultimate comfort, place your Ananda cushion on a colour coordinated Shakti Floor Cushion.

Ethos - our commitments to social and environmental responsability


  • Made in Canada, with love and care for the details
  • 14” diametre x 5” high
  • Filled with 100% certified organic buckwheat hulls, grown in Manitoba  
  • Removable outer slipcover for easy cleaning: 100% organic cotton canvas
  • Our organic cotton canvas is made in India using environmentally-friendly, low-impact processes, and custom printed for us in the US.
  • Inner slipcover: 45” recycled hemp, 40” recycled organic cotton, 15% recycled polyester
  • Features a convenient carrying handle and a removable outer cover for easy cleaning


The purpose of a meditation cushion is to elevate your hips off the floor allowing your lower back to stay aligned in its natural S curve.  Your meditation cushion should elevate your hips above your knees.  The Ananda Meditation Cushion comes in 3 heights to adapt to your body and your practice experience:


3" high = for flexible yogis and those experienced with sitting on the floor

5" high = suits most people, even if you aren't an experienced meditator

7" high = ideal for tall people, and those with less flexibility in their hips and knees


Still not sure what size is right for you?  Learn more about how toGet Comfortable for Meditation.


Buckwheat hulls are the firm shells that protect the nutritious triangular-shaped buckwheat seed (which is then ground into flour, think of buckwheat pancakes).  Once removed, the buckwheat hulls are usually discarded as they not edible by humans or animals.  They are ideal as a filling for meditation cushions as they are firm, malleable and create an ergonomic cushion that conforms to the contours of your body.  Buckwheat hulls are an all-natural, sustainable material.  And our buckwheat hulls are certified organic, grown in Manitoba, Canada, and specially cleaned before being ready for use in our cushions.  Please note that the buckwheat hulls in your cushion will settle when you begin to use it, and will eventually break down a bit after a few years of use.  You can easily adjust the loft of your cushion by adding or removing the buckwheat hulls through the zippered opening.


  • Whole cushions with the buckwheat hulls inside should never be put in the washer or dryer.
  • You can easily clean the outer cover, be sure to remove it first.  
  • To clean the outer cover, dry cleaning is recommended for best results. - OR - Machine wash cold water, delicate cycle, with like colours.  
  • Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. 
  • Lay flat to dry. Warm iron.


Each HUM product is designed to inspire you and elevate your practice.  We put our heart and soul into making sure you will love it, but we give you 30 days make sure.   See our Returns Policy HERE.

    Indigo Medallion
    Indigo Jali
    Natural Medallion
    Natural Jali
    Red Medallion
    Red Jali
    Orange Medallion
    Orange Jali
    Turquoise Medallion
    Turquoise Jali
    Grey Mandala
    Grey Mantra
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    Red Mantra

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Sophie Badre
    Amazing Meditation Cushions

    I recently purchased 6 meditation cushions in addition to the ones I already had for a private party at home. Not only they are the best for meditation but they are also very beautiful and comfortable. I organized them around old trunks covered with white sheets and they looked incredible. The setting was very chic and stroke everybody's eyes. I can't stop buying them and offering them as gifts. Anyone should have an Ananda Mediation Cushion.

    Bill Gamble

    I got this for myself. Comfortable and extremely well built.

    Elizabeth Simons

    I love my new meditation cushion. It's incredibly high quality with the weight and comfort of the buckwheat filling providing a very comfortable sit. I got it in the Turquoise color and the fabric is beautiful. It's soothing and chic. I'm now eyeing other products as I want more of them to brighten up our home. Love it!

    Karina Lambert
    Excellent gift

    I bought the cushion for my partner who meditates everyday. Not only the packaging was personally and beautifully prepared but my man is in love with his new lister! Outstanding quality and really comfortable. I want to steal it :-) next one is for myself!

    Jennifer Prugh

    I loved my meditation cushion so much, I bought two more bolsters right away. The care that’s put into everything she does is amazing.