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HUM is based in Canada, and we run on the Shopify platform, so here are a few things you should know if you are ordering from the US.


The prices for the products that you see on the website may default to $Canadian. You should see a banner at the top which will allow you to view in $US. Or look for the little toggle in the upper right corner (next to the cart) and click to switch currencies to get a very close estimate of the price in $US.  


At checkout, your final invoice will be in $Canadian, and you will be charged in $Canadian.  Your credit card company will use their own daily exchange rate to convert your order to $US, and your final amount in your local currency.


Good news for you!  The US prices will be approximately 30-35% lower than the Canadian prices.


Please note that we ship from Canada.  We do not charge sales taxes, but you may be charged local taxes and duties upon receipt. This is your responsibility.


Please also note our RETURNS POLICY.  We accept returns within 30 days for a full refund less all cross-border shipping charges.  


If you have any questions about a product you are interested or about our policies, please contact  We are always here to help!