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September 09, 2023

Everybody in the world is a unique individual, with different backgrounds, different passions, different perspectives. We’re each following our own special path, having our own human experience.  But I think that we all have something in common. It’s that we all need joy, it’s essential to our existence.  

Some days, though, we get so caught up in our stress and anxiety and fears and frustrations that we forget we all need and deserve joy in our lives.  

One of the most transformational things I’ve learned on my own journey is that we get to choose how we want to feel, everyday.  A while ago, I made the conscious decision to choose joy, everyday.  I realized that I could wallow in the intensity of my often-negative emotions. or I could choose to feel something different.  And I did.  I chose joy.  And began to cultivate joy as much as as possible until it became a constant state of mind and heart.

Choosing to feel joy everyday doesn’t mean ignoring the difficult situations, the grief, the pain, the fear, the frustrations.  Not at all.  I believe that choosing joy is a declaration of hope, a show of courage in the face of those difficulties.  It’s a more positive and useful way to face them.  It’s a mindset shift.  Joy allows you to see the world differently, to appreciate and to understand that in every situation, no matter how wonderful or how difficult, there’s always a way forward, there’s always, always a light at the end of the tunnel. Even if it’s sometimes hard to see.  

And I’ve found that focusing on joy can open the way to more inspiration, more imagination and creativity, to a greater sense of fulfillment.  It can create the foundation for healthy relationships, with others and with yourself.  

Choosing joy can actually be really challenging. Life is hard and sometimes it’s easier to muck about in the difficulties and wallow in the intensity of our negative emotions.  By choosing joy, we have the possibility to find small moments of peace and happiness, no matter what is going on in your life.  And sometimes joy is closer than you think.

So I hope that you will give yourself the best gift ever…choose joy.  There are various ways you can cultivate joy to create the mindset shift until it became a more permanent state of mind and heart.  For inspiration, find 10 Ways to Cultivate Joy.

And every single day, you can easily create little moments of joy.  All these little moments can build up to create lasting joy.  These little moments help us to be truly present with what is happening in the here and now, to appreciate the beauty in our lives.  To find our way forward.

Here are 15 ways to create everyday joy.

  1. Wake up and smile.  This will start your day in happiness.
  2. Set your intention every day, even if it’s simply the intention to create some small happy moments in your day or to feel joyful.
  3. Start your day with hot lemon water. Your body will be very happy!  You may even have more energy for the day.
  4. Listen to some beautiful, soothing music while doing your morning yoga.  If you don’t have time for a complete practice, try one single yoga pose to get things flowing.  Maybe Tree Pose, Warrior II, or simply a mindful Mountain Pose.
  5. Go for a walk and notice something beautiful on your way…a beautiful, stately tree, a flower garden, an interesting looking building…a bird…
  6. Pick some wildflowers or offer yourself a bouquet of fresh flowers to bring bright cheer to your home, your desk, your practice sanctuary.  The beauty of nature is boundless!
  7. Make yourself a cup of high quality tea (or coffee if you prefer) and really savour it, notice all the sensations of the complete experience.
  8. Go for coffee or a walk with someone you love to talk to.  Or just call them and tell them that you love talking to them and why.
  9. Do something nice for someone else.  Even a small gesture can make a difference to another person’s day, can bring them some joy.
  10. Smile and even say hello to everyone you walk past.
  11. Watch children play.  Their laughter, their innocence, their antics will always make you smile…a sweet moment of joy.  Kids instinctively know how to find happiness!
  12. Make yourself a lovely meal, even if it’s just made of snacks from the fridge. Prepare it nicely on a plate and enjoy it without distraction. Notice the colours, textures, smells, tastes…all the sensations. 
  13. Light some beautiful all natural incense to create positive energy in your spaces, and to connect with your joyful higher self through the power of the wafting smoke.
  14. Try a self guided meditation to help you fall into a peaceful slumber at night.  You might try a body scan to check in with yourself before you sleep, to release any tension in your body.  Or you might try counting backwards from 50, focusing on your breath, one count per breath cycle.  
  15. Remember the joy before you fall asleep each night, think about one thing that brought you joy today and one thing you’re grateful for.

What are your little ways to bring joy into your day?



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