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November 05, 2022

Sometimes the simplest gestures can actually be opportunities for tuning into your multi-sensory experience in a mindful way.
I invite you to take the opportunity of an everyday act to experience all 5 senses in a simple cup of tea. This little practice is not exactly yoga or meditation…it's about bringing more awareness into your daily life.  It’s a beautiful way to turn an everyday gesture into a multi-sensory exploration.  And you can turn it into a meditation!  It’s one of my favourite ways to practice mindfulness

As you choose, prepare and drink your morning tea today (or coffee if you prefer) pay close attention and really notice all the details of the process. Be fully alive to the experience, fully present. Savour each moment. You may be surprised by how much you notice when you really pay attention to every aspect of this simple everyday act.

See… your teapot and cup, the full roundness of the body, the gentle curve of the handles, the colours.  Do you see it differently today?

Smell… notice the aroma, the subtle scent of your tea leaves. Try different types…is it earthy, smokey, floral, fresh…?  

Hear… the sound of the tap open, water flowing into the kettle, and the sound of the water as it comes to a boil.  The sound of the water pouring into the pot, over the tea leaves, of tea pouring into the cup.

Feel… the weight of the kettle as you pour the water into the pot, the shape of the cup in your hands, the warmth of the cup… feel the hot steam on your face as you sip.  Notice the temperature of the tea on your tongue.

Taste… the tea in your mouth, on your tongue.  Is it bold and bracing?  Subtle?  Sweet and fresh?  Does the flavour develop and change as you sip?  Have you added the floral sweetness of honey or the bright tangy taste of lemon?

And enjoy every sip, every pleasurable moment of this single cup of tea.

Now…think about what you just experienced.
Did bringing this degree of mindful attention add to your enjoyment of your tea?  What other everyday gestures can you think of that could be transformed by this quality of mindful exploration from ordinary habit to elevated experience?

For more easy ways to bring mindfulness into your daily life, have a look at this blog post: Just Be Here: 10 Easy Mindfulness Practices for Everyday Life.



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