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November 10, 2022

We all have dreams that we would like to bring to life one day.  But what does it take to go from dream to accomplishment?   I'd like to share some of the magic I discovered on my journey to HUM, perhaps that will inspire you on your own journey.  Because HUM is the story of bringing a dream to life.

Let’s start at the beginning….let’s get HUMming!

People wonder why I called my brand HUM.  It’s not obvious, it's more like a whisper, an invocation.  

There are many ideas and implications inside this simple looking three letter word - you might see vibration, music, humanity...  The core inspiration for me has always been the mantra.  HUM is a powerful Sanskrit bija mantra that invokes creativity, passion and fiery brilliance as well as an all-encompassing spirit of wisdom and enlightenment.  HUM means "I AM", and when linked to another Sanskrit word it works as a declaration and affirmation of a particular pure quality: SO HUM…I AM…love, joy, courage, clarit, confidence, peace…

For me, HUM is the invocation of a state of mind and heart I want to embody.  And it's the manifestation of my dream and my creative vision, the calling for the inspiration, confidence and courage to make it happen.  And this simple mantra was my driving force through all the challenges of bringing a dream to life.  Do you have a mantra you follow as you work towards your own dreams?

HUM has been a journey of intense transformation with so many lessons learned…and still learning!  In fact my entire life changed in so many ways, supported by my yoga and meditation practice.  The practices have helped me to see things differently, to open up to a better way of dealing with the challenges and the emotions that come up along the way. These learnings are THE REAL MAGIC!  And every week, I endeavour to inspire you with aspects of my journey and the things I’ve learned.  (If you’d like to receive to my informative and non-salesy newsletters, please subscribe at the bottom of the page.  You'll also receive your free guide to kickstart your home practice.)

It took me 4 years to bring my dream of HUM to life, transforming the initial nugget of an idea into a brand with a soulful concept and a complete collection of beautiful products for your home practice. It has been both overwhelmingly complex and hugely enriching…and infused with much JOY.  And to me, finding joy is the most important sign of success.

A lot of the joy comes through collaborating with the beautiful people who have joined me on this adventure.  My dream-project took a huge leap forward early on when I started working with my wise and kind mentor Tim Girvin. Tim is the founder of Girvin Inc., a truly unique design and branding agency that has created some of the most memorable brands.  I’m honoured (and very lucky) that Tim and his team helped me bring HUM to life.  See the story of that collaboration HERE.  And learn loads about soulful branding on Tim’s inspiring blog.

What does it take to make your dream a reality?  If it’s a big dream, it takes patience, perseverance, confidence, and courage.  It requires an unshakeable belief in yourself and in your idea.  And of course it takes an immense amount of focus, energy and dedication. Three years ago, as I was launching HUM, I shared some insights on what it took for me to reaching that goal.  You might find this useful for your own dream.  Find it HERE, The Magic That Happened When I Traded My High Heels For a Yoga Mat.

I still haven’t figured it all out, and being a purpose-driven solo-entrepreneur is as challenging as it is fulfilling.  On the days I feel overwhelmed and question my choice to follow this path, I have to sit back, take a breath, and remind myself…”Hey, I did all that!  And my customers love it.”  And I remember the commitment I made to myself at the beginning and that keeps me inspired everyday…

My commitment is to build a brand and business that is ethical, socially and environmentally responsible, and built on these strong human values:  authenticity   generosity   caring    joyfulness    creativity    quality    integrity

HUM is about creating elegant, ethical, eco-responsible products to elevate your home practice and to make it a delightful, sensorial experience.  Because your home practice is where the life-changing magic happens.  Every single HUM product is a little part of the dream, created with love and the intention to offer you the highest quality…and always a personal touch.  Afterall, this is a very personal business!

And it's also about sharing ideas to empower and inspire your yoga and meditation journey.  So that you can find your highest vibration.  Follow your own hum.  You can find those ideas in my weekly newsletter and throughout this resource-rich website.  Have a look at the HOME PRACTICE PAGE.

What do you dream of doing in your life right now?  If I can make my dream come true, so can you!!!  I know you can.  To paraphrase Goethe…

Whatever you dream you can do, seize the moment and begin it.  
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

One last source of inspiration for you... If your dream is about creating your own business, have a look at this 3 part Mindful Business Series I wrote.  It starts with The Solo Entrepreneur's Mindful Mindset.

There’s no place like HUM for your soulful, elegantly earth-conscious yoga and meditation practice.  Everything we design, dream of, illuminate…all that brings us joy…is created to support you on your journey to a higher vibration, towards more joy, peace and balance in your life.  Explore the HUM collections and find everything you need to elevate and inspire your home practice.


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