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October 17, 2022

There is something magical and evocative in the fragrant fumes of burning incense. Perhaps it’s the scent of it, evoking long forgotten memories, forgotten sensations.  Perhaps it’s the power of the smoke itself...the filament of rising bluish smoke will connect you with something higher, like an offering to yourself and to your highest potential.  

Burning incense can add depth, meaning and connection to your home practice.  It will enable you to create a peaceful, inspiring and positively charged atmosphere in your home sanctuary and in your practice.  

And burning a stick of incense is a beautiful way to practice being more aware of your senses. When you light a stick of incense and watch it burn, you can focus on your sense of sight, smell, touch even your sense of hearing.

Today, I invite you to light an incense stick and to make it a sacred ritual in your practice.  If you’ve burned incense before, today see it with new eyes and real curiosity.  Experience it fully, revel in sensorial richness.  

Any kind of incense you have will do, but we do recommend an all-natural plant based incense.  When you burn incense you inhale the smoke, and I’m sure you’d rather inhale the soul of plants rather than synthetics and chemicals.

Here’s how to turn incense burning into a sensorial ritual…

  • Light you stick of incense and immerse yourself in the ceremonial aspect of it.  
  • Notice the sensation of your incense stick in your hands, the texture, the weight.
  • Notice the crackling sound as you strike a wooden match to light your incense, watching it sparkle slightly when touched by the flame. Gently fan the flame to soften it into a smoulder.
  • Close your eyes and notice the fragrance of the incense.  What do you notice about  the different notes and aspects of the scent?  How does it make you feel?  Notice if the scent brings up any memories or emotions.
  • And then make it a meditation to watch the ever-changing trails and wisps of aromatic smoke as it wafts and spirals upward.  Notice the beauty of it, the shapes it makes, the directions it flows.  Imagine the smoke as the connector, carrying your intentions to the universe.  Like an offering to your higher self and to your highest potential.  
  • Notice how this ritual makes you feel.  Does it change the energy you feel in your space and in your practice or the way you experience it?  Does it evoke any memories or emotions for you.
  • Stay fully present to this experience for a few minutes, or as long as you like.


    Important safety note:  Please use care and caution when burning any type of incense.  Ensure you use a fire-safe container to hold your incense and to catch any falling ashes.  Never leave burning incense unattended.

    MORE ABOUT INCENSE:  Learn more about incense, the history, traditions and uses through this in-depth article I wrote back in 2019.  It was interesting to research and write as it links to my previous life in the world of fragrances: SACRED SMOKE

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