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November 10, 2020

I invite you to take a moment to consider your yoga mat.


You could look at it as merely a practical tool, the one that holds you steady in the poses, keeping your hands and feet from slipping. You might think it’s what defines your personal practice space. An inanimate object.


Or you could think of your yoga mat as a magic carpet taking you on your spiritual journey, supporting you through your personal transformation. You could think of your mat as the repository of your energy, soaking up the love and intention you put into your practice, and the emotions that come out of it.  Like a mirror of your experience.


When you think about your yoga mat this way, you begin to think about the energy, imagination and dedication you give to your yoga practice…it may be mainly an asana practice (poses), it might include meditation, breathing practices, perhaps some time for inspirational reading and reflecting. And you begin to think about how you use these transformational practices as your self-care and soul-care. Or about the possibility to do so.


If your yoga mat could talk what stories would it tell? Perhaps it would tell stories of your journey….

Joyful moments
Relaxation and release
Emotional turmoil
Ups and downs
Good days and bad days
Clarity and connections
Challenges overcome
Peace found
Lessons learned
Insights uncovered
New perspectives
More resilience
Explosions of creativity
Boosted confidence


Would it talk of your intentions and the energy you create with them?  An intention is a state of mind and heart you wish to embody and to carry with you off the mat and into the world. Intention is powerful energy, and when you focus on it through your practice, it will expand. You might ask yourself these questions to help set your intention:

What energy do I want to project today?
What do I want to create in my life?
How do I want to feel today?
How can I be the best person possible for those I love?
What can I offer to the world today?


If your yoga mat could talk, would it tell you that it misses you? Would it invite you back to practice more often? Your yoga mat is the very best friend you will have for your yoga practice.  If may feel a little lonely if you don’t practice often.


Whatever stories your mat would tell, they are the intimate stories of your personal journey.  They are all yours.


When you think of your mat like this, as your magic carpet, the guardian of your experience, your best friend...you realize that your choice of yoga mat is very important and highly personal. You might choose because of the brand you know, or aspire to, the promises it offers, the word of a friend, the material it’s made of, the feel of it on your hands, the price, whether or not it’s an eco-conscious choice.


And when your mat is finished its life with you, can you safely give it back to the earth with all the beautiful energy, love and intention you’ve put into your practice? Or will it stay forever in a landfill?


My recommendation?  Choose your yoga mat with care. Look for a solid grip that will keep you grounded you as you practice. And I believe it’s best for your health and for the planet to choose an earth conscious yoga mat, made with 100% natural materials, with no chemicals, PVC or TPE, so that it is recyclable, compostable, bio-degradable. The foundation for a more sustainable, intentional practice starts here.


3 Poses to get up close and personal with your yoga mat:

Heart Melting Pose (Anahatasana)
Humble Warrior (Baddha Virabhadrasana)
Locust Pose (Salambasana)



To learn more about these 3 poses and how to link them into a short but powerful intention-based gratitude practice, discover: I AM Gratitude. And as you practice, perhaps dedicate this one to give thanks to your magic carpet, your mirror, the guardian of your energy.  



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