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October 01, 2023

“The mountains are calling, and I must go.” —John Muir


What is a journey?

A journey is a quest to seek new horizons, to expand our existing world in a metaphorical or spiritual way. Or by actually discovering a new place.  A journey is about transformation from one state of being to another.

I have set off on an epic Himalayan adventure to Mustang (Nepal), Mount Everest and Bhutan.  This journey began a year ago with a dream, an intention and a call to adventure.  It took many months to research and plan every aspect of the journey (the destinations, accommodations, customized private itinerary, how to travel with just a carry on, how to stay healthy…).  There were many obstacles to overcome, I needed allies and help along the way.  And, while it is very very exciting, it also took some courage to embark on this grand 34 day adventure to unknown lands. 

The preparations gave me the opportunity to think about our personal journeys.


We're all travellers, whether we know it or not. Our lives are one long epic journey from start to finish, a transformational quest to find clarity and meaning, to find a life that is more purposeful, deeply satisfying and filled with joy.  And within that epic journey, there are many smaller journeys. These journeys are intentional…you have the choice to embark on them, in one way or another, or to ignore the call to adventure.  It might be starting a new business, finding a new job, planning a wedding, finding your way to better health and balance, raising a child, starting a new hobby, writing a novel, creating a work of art, going on a trip…

What journey are you embarking on right now? 

Any transformational journey will be a beautiful, enlightening experience. But it may also be messy, it might be very challenging and difficult.  We will have to face our fears and to overcome many obstacles.   These fears and difficulties are where the real transformation happens.

At this point, I’ve been on my personal journey for a while, with lots of side trips, back-tracking and detours. So here are my TIPS and ADVICE for you on your journey, wherever it may take you…


    1. Give yourself permission to dream.  Unconditionally.  And without boundaries. 
    2. Have the courage and confidence to take the leap and just do it.  You CAN do it!
    3. Always believe in yourself, in your capabilities and in your ideas.  This is FUNDAMENTAL.
    4. Remember that you have everything within you to overcome any obstacles.
    5. Keep an open heart and an open mind to whatever magic your journey will bring.
    6. Learn to see things differently, mindfulness practices train you to do this.
    7. Know that to move forward you may need to let go of certain limiting beliefs, behaviours, even certain people who don’t nourish your soul.
    8. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.  From others, or from the universe.
    9. Know that there is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how long and dark the tunnel is…and the light can take many different forms.
    10. Stay in gratitude.  Always.
    11. And I can’t stress enough the power of yoga, meditation and mindfulness to support you and inspire you through every stage of your journey.

      May you find all you seek on your journey.  

      May you emerge transformed, like a butterfly coming out of its chrysalis, or a lotus flower rising from the mud to blossom in the light.


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