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March 12, 2022

We can all use a little help for our journeys.  If you think about epic stories of journeys, you will find that very often a talisman is involved to help the hero on their quest, a magical object thought to offer protection and special powers to the bearer.  Some examples of talismans that have helped well-known heroes on their journey include…
Dorothy’s ruby slippers
Bilbo Baggins One Ring
King Arthur’s Excalibur

On our own journey, talismans can give us strength, comfort, confidence and protection.  They can enhance our own personal powers, remind us of our intentions and of what is most important for our personal journey.  Perhaps they help us to believe in something powerful but intangible.  Talismans might even bring a little bit of magic to your journey if you let them! 

Talismans are very personal.  They may be given to you, you may find them on your own.  They may be natural, they may be man-made.  Your talismans might be natural treasures such as shells and crystals, intention stones and scrolls, statues, images, messages or special objects you’ve collected along the way.  What’s important is that they have meaning for you and for your journey.  

You probably already have a number of talismans that you carry with you or keep in a special place.  Have you thought about gathering them to empower your journey and enhance your yoga and meditation practice?

The perfect place to hold your talismans is your yoga and meditation altar.  Your altar can be a low table, a small chest, a shelf, or even a window sill.  It can even be a moveable tray or large dish.  Anywhere that you can focus your attention for your practice.



I love creating altars, and have many around my home.  I move my talismans around to where I need them.  Here’s what I have on my meditation altar at this time…these are all things I have collected along the way, things that came to me when I needed them.   This is very personal… and I’m sharing this to give you ideas of what talismans can be, and to inspire you to use your own talismans to create an altar that will empower your practice and your journey.


Scrolls to hold and honour my intentions: I like to write my intentions on a scroll of beautiful paper (I especially like handmade lotka paper), I roll it up and tie it with a ribbon or string and leave it on my altar.

Shells: I always have shells, many of which I have collected on beach walks around the world.  I have always been drawn to the intricate beauty of shells.  I am especially drawn to the nautilus shell to support my personal journey.  Shells, with their ever-growing spiral beginning from centre, are a symbol of growth, progression, expansion…of endless possibilities.  

Personal talismans collected on my journey, each one has meaning and power for me…

  • A tiny carnelian lion from Egypt reminds me of my inner strength and wisdom
  • Two tiny cones from a Giant Sequoia in Yosemite remind me that great big things start really really small
  • A Brigid’s Cross I made from reeds collected at a prehistoric stone alignment in western Ireland for luck and for the powerful, ancient energy of the stones
  • Dragonflies seem to find me…symbol of transformation…on my journey of transformation
Reminders to keep me going on my journey… believe.  This single word has carried me along on this journey for many years and through many difficult challenges…reminding me to believe in myself, to believe in my idea and believe in the power of this journey.   This is especially important through difficult times.

Teaching Buddha statue: This Buddha reminds me to stay present to my experience moment to moment, and reminds of of the endless possibilities.  It also reminds me of a beautiful journey I took to Myanmar a few years ago.

Clear quartz crystal: Natural crystals come in many varieties and each one has a different meaning for your journey.  I like natural clear quartz which amplifies and enhances the power of all my other talismans, as well as my own personal energy and intentions.  I have a beautiful naturally double terminated quartz crystal as well as a crystal sphere.   Clear quartz is a stone that serves to open your heart and mind to the wisdom of your own inner teacher.

Candles: Candles are a beacon on any journey, lighting your way and connecting you with others.  I love to light a candle during practice, to signal my presence to others and to shine my light out to the world

Incense and Palo Santo: Burning incense is like making an offering to your higher self…and the beautiful swirling smoke is a way to connect with your inner teacher….

Singing bowl: I love my singing bowl and use it to create positive vibrations…and carry my good intentions out into the world.

What’s on your altar today?  What are the talismans that support you on your journey?



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