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March 05, 2022


What is a journey?

We're all on a journey, whether we know it or not. Our lives are one long epic journey from start to finish, a quest to find clarity and meaning, to find a life that is more purposeful, deeply satisfying and filled with joy…it’s about transformation from one state of being to another. And within that epic journey, there are many smaller journeys. These journeys are intentional…you have the choice to embark on them, in one way or another, or to ignore the call to adventure.  A journey you choose to embark on might any of these…each of which may start as a dream:

Starting your own business
Finding a new job
Making a success of a new job
Planning a wedding
Going on a trip
Finding your way to better health and balance
Moving out of a relationship
Starting a new hobby
Creating a work of art
Writing a novel

What journey are you embarking on right now?

For me, creating and growing my business, HUM, is certainly the most challenging and enriching journey of my life so far.  I never expected this business project to actually be a true journey of transformation…transformation of my entire life and lifestyle, of my perspective, my health, my goals, and so much more.  Things that were important before became insignificant; things I’d known little about became fundamental to personal growth and fulfilment.
One day, an unexpected angel dropped in for a visit

I’ve been very lucky all along on my own journey to create and grow HUM.  I’ve met wonderful people who have inspired me on the way. One day, as I was in the midst of developing my product line and facing all the challenges that presented, a mentor introduced me to Ami from ARAS in New York City (Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbols). I happened to be on my way to NYC, so I arranged to meet with her.

As we were sitting in the reading room chatting, about archetypes and journeys, we were interrupted by an unexpected presence…a picture fell off the wall. Strange…  Ami said those pictures had been securely pinned up on the wall for many months. On the wall was an outline of Joseph Campbell's hero’s/heroine’s journey, with images representing various stages of the journey. He had a theory that all the great historical stories and myths shared a common pattern, a journey of an archetypal hero. He outlined the 17 stages of his hero's journey in The Hero With A Thousand Faces (1949) which has inspired writers and cineastes ever since. The stages he identified can also be used as a roadmap for personal growth.

The image had fallen from the stage called “Finding Allies Not Like You”.  And it was an angel.  I got goosebumps...  Hmmmm….  What was this angel coming to tell me? Surely a message for me on my own journey, I believe in synchronicities.

The visiting angel reminded me that there is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel…and the light can take many different forms. The “hero’s journey” reminded me that transformation is possible for everyone.  It reminded me that the journey may be a beautiful experience, but it will be difficult, and that we have what we need to face our fears and overcome every obstacle. Every journey has different stages, and each stage requires something different of us.

Inspired by my visiting angel and by my own journey, this is how I see various stages of any intentional journey along with some thoughts and 18 different practices and rituals that may help you at each stage.  The stages you journey through may be in a different order, and some may come up more than once.  But essentially, I’ve found, a personal journey follows the path of Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey.  And guess what…you get to be the hero of your own story!

By the way…I can’t stress enough the power of yoga, meditation and mindfulness to support you and inspire you through every stage of your journey, wherever it may take you.  I only wish I’d know this much earlier in my life.

What stage are you at right now on your intentional journey?  

THE CALL TO ADVENTURE (a.k.a. Dream the Dream…Plant the Seeds)
Your journey may begin with a dream.  The dream may triggered by an outside circumstance.  It might begin with a discovery.   It might be a mix of these things.   Your dream calls you to move away from your comfortable ordinary life and into the unknown towards something new.  Dreams are the seeds of future growth.  So give yourself permission to dream.  Unconditionally.  Without boundaries.  Be sure to take notes along the way.  And know that the seeds of your dream might blossom into something very different than you imagine at the beginning. That’s the beauty of endless possibilities.

For your dream to become a journey, you need to be intentional about the way forward.  Set your intention to create your guiding light.  You don’t have to have a clear vision of the destination when you start your journey, or even of the pathway to get there…but it really does help to have a certain idea of the direction you wish to head in.  

Every journey requires a map of some kind…so that you don’t get lost.  It doesn’t matter if you switch directions once you’re on the path.  Dream the dream…and then make a plan to align your intention with actions.  This might be a business plan, a project outline, a health plan, a travel plan….  A plan means putting down solid roots so that you can rise from a strong base.

Set your intention.  And then focus strongly on bringing it to life.  It’s really true, what you focus on expands.


  1. Holding your intentions in the light of a candle- Clarify your intention, gather your candle and sit in a comfortable meditation pose. Breathe into your heart. Invite your body to feel your intention as though it has been realized. Imagine your cells lighting up with the energy of what is coming.  All you have to do is believe and allow.  Light your candle, and as you watch the flame catch and rise imagine that light energy is fuelling and holding and shining on your intention. Meditate on the candle flame holding your intention for as long as you like.  And when you blow your candle out at the end of practice, send your intention out to the universe and let go of any expectations.
  2. Honour your intention - write your intention on a beautiful piece of paper, roll it into a scroll, tie it with a ribbon and place it on your altar (or in any special place that you will see regularly).  You will be reminded every day of why you set out on this journey.
  3. Practice mindful yoga poses to find your foundation  (through this link)

EMBARKING (a.k.a. Take the Leap…Just Do It)
You have a dream, you’ve set your intention, you have a plan that you’ve carefully researched and prepared.   You see the way forward…or maybe you see so many possible directions, you’re confused.  You have enough information to begin…or you’re overwhelmed with too much information. You might find that to move forward you need to invest time or money or make a radical decision.

And so you hesitate.  Uh oh…Am I really going to do this?   And you think of all the reasons why you shouldn’t.

When you find yourself hesitating, I found it’s helpful to stop and take stock of exactly where you are and what you’ve got at this time.  Don’t wait for everything to be perfectly aligned and prepared.  If you really believe in this dream…then just do it.  It may be a messy journey…but it will be beautiful in unexpected ways.

Moving forward on any important journey requires courage and confidence.  Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith.  I promise you…it will be uncomfortable, it will be daunting and sometimes really overwhelming.  Moving into the unknown can be very scary…but who knows what treasures you will find?  This journey may be your destiny.   If you know in your heart that this is what you want to do, if you really feel it in your heart…then just do it.  You CAN do it.

As you embark on this journey, mindfulness is one of the most valuable tools you can take with you.  Mindfulness offers you the tools to stay grounded in the present moment, to notice every aspect of your experience, without judgement, and to appreciate it.  Just be here.


  1. Breath awareness meditation - Try this easy guided mindfulness meditation to help you to stay grounded and steady as you are embarking on this journey into the unknown.  Click HERE to access it.
  2. Create your mantra or affirmations, to remind you of your intention, and repeat this daily…meditation is an ideal place to reaffirm your intention.
  3. Try the “I am Confidence” yoga practice (through this link) - Practising yoga is a wonderful way to cultivate the intentions and the higher vibration that you want to embody and carry with you, on and off the mat.

FINDING ALLIES NOT LIKE YOU (a.k.a. Look for Inspiring Allies…Ask for Help)
Your journey will be made richer and probably a lot smoother with the help of allies: guides, collaborators and mentors.  Know your strengths and never be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help when you need it.  There will always be somebody willing to join you on your adventure.  An ally might bring practical, cost-effective services you need to make things happen.  They can help you through a challenge by offering a different perspective.  Or simply inspire you along the way with interesting thoughts and ideas.

Asking for help might also mean digging deep to find your own inner teacher for clarity or inspiration.  Or asking for divine assistance…whatever you believe.  I believe the Universe is always there to support you and provide help if you ask for it and if you are open to receiving it.   As Joseph Campbell says, “One has only to know and trust, and the ageless guardians will appear.”

Asking for help might mean letting go…and this can be hard for some people. Let go of the need to control everything, let go of any expectations.  And always stay in gratitude.


  1. Letting go ritual -  If you need to release something that is holding you back on your journey, write it on a small piece of paper. Place the paper your altar, light a candle in front of it, and dedicate your practice to letting it go. After your practice, with awareness and intention, let it go completely by burning the paper safely in a fire-proof container or a fireplace.  Try this ritual with an open mind, and notice how you feel afterwards.
  2. Gratitude meditation - Sit peacefully with your eyes closed. Relax into the natural flow of your breath, and allow yourself to receive each inhalation as a gift, and offer each exhalation as a prayer of gratitude. Think about 5 things you have to be grateful for today, in this moment, remembering that even the small things can bring us much joy. And for each of your 5 things, say thank you - to yourself, to another, to the earth, to the universe - with a deep sense of gratitude.  When you've finished, open your eyes with a new appreciation or all you have in your life.
  3. Try the “I am Gratitude” yoga practice (through this link)

NIGHT SEA JOURNEY (a.k.a. Dig Deep…You’ll Find Your Light)
You’ve dreamed the dream, you’ve done your research, you’ve invested time and love and energy and maybe money, you’ve found the right people to help you along the way…you’re DOING IT.  

And then…your fears catch up with you.  This can happen at any time during the journey…and it may happen more than once (believe me!).  You come to a point where you feel like you are stumbling in the dark, fear and stress grip your body, heart and soul.  You think…OMG…What am I doing?!!  Why am I doing this?  What have I gotten myself into?!!!

The “night sea” is dark and deep and filled with unknown hazards.  It symbolizes the darkness within.  At some point on every journey, this is where you meet your fears.  How you face them is crucial to how you move forward.

The “night sea” is the crucible of transformationand this is where your courage is most important.  When you have the courage and the tools to face the darkness, you will find your way back to the light. This is also where you see the potential and the possibilities that exist and that are all out there for you to find.  It might just take a new perspective, a different way of seeing things, to find them.

My best piece of advice, having faced the night sea a few times…believe…believe in yourself, believe in your idea, believe in your ability to get through to the light.  Never let even the tiniest doubt set in - have unwavering, unshakeable confidence that you can do it, that you have incredible gifts the world needs.

Only you can find your way back to the light, but there are lots of practices you can use to get through the dark.  Here are a few ideas...

  1. Heart-centred visualization meditation - Create and record (easy to do on your phone) your own personal visualization meditation to remind yourself of your intention for this journey.  Guide yourself to remember and to feel your intention in your heart space, right in the middle of your chest, visualize yourself living your dream, as though it has already come true, feel the high vibrations in your heart…the joy, the serenity, the love, the gratitude.  Repeat your mantra or affirmations in this meditation.  And listen to it every single day.
  2. Light some incense to connect with your higher self - Remember or reformulate your intention here, and watch the curling smoke, like an offering to your higher self, and possibly a source of new inspiration and clarity.
  3. Try the “I am Clarity” yoga practice (through this link)

Every journey that is worthwhile will bring difficult challenges and many obstacles.  Finding your way through the obstacles is a beautiful and often frustrating dance, two steps forward, three steps back, a step to the right, a step to the left, and then you’re finally ready for 5 steps forward.  You will often find yourself far outside of your comfort zone, and there will always be a new skill to master. This part of the journey might be difficult, but it will likely be extraordinarily enriching and rewarding.  Here are some tips to stay positive as your figure things out:

  • Stay grounded and focused, you can do this!  
  • Be creative, and learn to see things differently
  • Be flexible and open, new and better ideas might be the result of the challenge
  • Be patient, and persevere, never give up
  • Trust yourself, trust the process, trust that the right people will come along when you need them, trust that the Universe is there to support you .

Mindfulness practices can help will all this.  By paying attention and tuning into the present moment, we can develop a better sense of awareness of what is happening in our own minds (i.e. our perceptions, thought patterns, reactions) as well as a better understanding and connection to the world around us. This helps us to SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY and can transform the way we think, feel and act.


  1. See things Differently - Discover 7 Fun Ways to Practice Mindfulness.
  2. Celebrate - Celebrating the successes along the way, the big ones and the small ones, will attract even more success for you.  And bring you so much joy!
  3. Try the “I am Abundance” yoga practice (through this link)

FINDING THE TREASURE & COMING HOME (a.k.a. Discover the Real Reward…And Pay It Forward)
One day, you finally reach the end of your journey.  Like any journey, it’s about transformation, and so you emerge like a butterfly coming out of it’s chrysalis, or a lotus flower rising from the mud to blossom in the light.  A new you.

At the end of any journey, it’s normal to think about success.  What does success mean to you for this particular journey?  There are always many ways to look at success.  It’s a question of perception.  And I believe, if you pay attention to how you feel at every stage of your journey, you will be surprised to discover the real rewards of your journey.  The real reward may be finding your true self and the light you are meant to shine…that may be the gift for you.  Other rewards may be satisfaction at bringing your dream to life, serenity, sense of fulfilment, and pure joy.  Personally, I think that finding joy in what you do every day is the biggest reward of all.

And I believe that it’s important to help others with what we learn on our personal journeys.  After all, even though we are individuals, we must remember that we are all ONE. We are all the same. We are all in this big wonderful journey of life together.   So let's pay it forward!


  1. Stay in gratitude - When you practice gratitude, conscious recognition and appreciation, you really understand how much you have to appreciate in your life.  And this will attract more beauty into your life. Find 5 Easy Ways to Thank Your Lucky Stars.
  2. Practice loving kindness meditation - This meditation is a wonderful way to send your positive vibrations out to the world.  Visualize your wishes of love, light, peace and wellness as a beautiful golden glow. Start with yourself - see that glow start as a tiny flame in your heart, then grow and grow to flood your whole body with healing light.  Now expand that glow out to the others in your home, then out to your neighbours, and to your wider community. And then out and out and out into the world. Allow yourself to visualize sending that golden glow of love and kindness travelling all around the globe, connecting you to everyone you know and then to everyone you don’t know.  Practice on your own or try this guided Radiant Light Candle Meditation.
  3. Try the “I am Joy" yoga practice (through this link)

Happy travels!!!  Enjoy every moment of your journey.

Get more inspiration for your journey with 30 Days of Inspiration for Your Home Yoga and Meditation Practice


ARAS: The Book of Symbols - extremely interesting book that combines original and incisive essays about particular symbols with representative images from all parts of the world and all eras of history.



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Kate Gill
Kate Gill

March 12, 2022

This contains life-changing insights for me. I hope the power of your inspiration continues to spread. I hope I was of some help to you and HUM.

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