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Mindful Intention Stones

Setting an intention for your practice, then carrying that intention into the world is a powerful thing - our lives are shaped by our desires and intentions.  Not to be confused with measurable goals, an intention is an attitude towards life, a purpose, a vibration that you wish to align yourself with.  And your intention can change every day, or carry you through months of your life, so long as it remains positive and aligned with your personal values.

SO HUM - I's a powerful mantra.

How do you want to feel today?  How do you want to show up in the world?  What step can you take towards achieving your purpose?

Our Intention Stones will remind you of your intention during your home practice and throughout the day.  Each stone has been gently and naturally honed to a soft, smooth patina by glaciers and waves, perfect with all their tiny imperfections, mindfully collected on the shores of Lake Huron and Vancouver Island, then engraved with a reminder of your intention.  They fit nicely in your palm, can be placed on your yoga mat, or carried in your pocket. 

Each stone comes in a natural linen pouch.


Ethos - our commitments to social and environmental responsibility


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Maggie Jenkins
Intention Stones

These are a beautiful reminder to recite my intentions every day.