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Palo Santo - Hand Pressed Incense

Empower your practice with a palo santo ritual.  The sacred smoke of burning palo santo wood, known as “holy wood”, has been used for centuries by South American shamans for cleansing negative energies, raising the vibrations and promoting good health.  

This wonderful pressed palo santo incense is handcrafted near Cusco, Peru on a small farm committed to community development and Quechua traditions. It's made with sustainably sourced palo santo from forests managed, authorized and certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (SERFOR) in Peru.

It's all natural, with no added chemicals or synthetic binders. 

It lights easily and burns beautifully, and will fill your meditation space with the beautiful, citrusy scent of palo santo.

Contains 4 bricks, 20-25 minutes burning time each.

Stoneware incense burning bowl not included.

Ethos - our commitments to social and environmental responsibility


Palo santo wood is 100% natural and hand selected only from wild trees that have naturally fallen on the ground in protected forests of Ecuador and Peru.  No live trees are destroyed to get palo santo.  The fallen trees and branches must be aged for up to 10 years in order for the wood to concentrate its natural essential oil. Only then can the wood be consecrated as “holy wood”.

Stoneware incense burning bowl sold separately.


Break off a small piece from a brick and burn in a safe, heat resistant container.  20-25 minutes per brick.

Safety note: never leave burning incense unattended.