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Tibetan Cashmere Meditation Shawl

As you settle in for your meditation, envelop yourself in a stunningly soft cashmere shawl that will instantly create a comfortable, protective haven for your practice.   Made from the finest, grade A cashmere fibre sourced directly from Tibetan nomads then hand spun and hand woven by artisans in Nepal.  With it’s exceptional quality, incredibly luxurious feel and generous dimensions (50" x 90"), this is a meditation shawl you will use and treasure for years and years.

It is also the coziest savasana blanket you'll ever see!

These one of a kind pieces have been made specially for HUM by Noble Fibre Inc., a social benefit enterprise that supports nomads, artisans and their communities on the Tibetan Plateau and in Nepal, to help increase their resources and sustain local traditions.

Ethos - our commitments to social and environmental responsibility


  • Handmade in Nepal with Tibetan cashmere
  • 80% cashmere, 20% organic cotton
  • Generous dimensions, 50” x 90”
  • Every item is unique. There may be slight variations in color and texture which are inherent with handmade techniques.
  • No animals are harmed during the harvest of cashmere fibres.  Cashmere goats naturally shed their coats in the spring, and the cashmere fibre is collected at this time using combs, brushes and shears. 


Hand wash and air dry.  Or dry clean.


Each HUM product is designed to inspire you and elevate your practice.  We put our heart and soul into making sure you will love it, but we give you 30 days make sure.   See our Returns Policy HERE.