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March 19, 2023

Why do you practice yoga and/or meditation?  We each practice for a different reason. Many of us seek to explore our inner selves and to fuel our journeys of transformation through these ancient practices.  It might be to find balance, joy, inspiration or clarity.  It might be to find calm relaxation.  Or to cultivate healing energies.  What is your intention?

Whatever your intention, one of the best ways to empower your practice is to create an altar within your home sanctuary.

Why an altar?  An altar is a sacred place to focus your yoga and meditation practice, a way to support your intention and to transform your practice into a very personal and motivating experience. There is a certain energy created by your focus and intention that turns your altar into a very special and powerful place.

It can also be an inspirational place to go to when you need to find balance, peace, quietude.  And a reminder to stay grounded in the present moment.

It doesn’t have to be complicated to create an altar as a focus for your practice!  And you can use things that you already have in your home.

Your altar can be a low table, a small chest, a shelf, or even a window sill.  It can even be a moveable tray.  Anywhere that you can focus your attention for your practice.

So what can you put on your altar?

Your altar should always support and inspire your practice intention (such as finding balance, cultivating compassion for self and others, forgiveness, healing, connection to the changing seasons, manifestation…).  Keep your intention in mind, like a mantra, and let it guide you as you create your altar.  And then use your imagination and intuition.

Any objects you place on your altar (or in your sanctuary) should be meaningful, inspirational and personal. They become symbolic of your intention and of your spiritual journey.  So choose with care.  

You could choose:
  • Inspirational artwork
  • Images of mentors, teachers or important people in your life.
  • Statues of deities or the Buddha, they can help us to remember what we believe in, who we are, and of our unlimited possibilities.  
  • Personal talismans that support and inspire your journey
  • Objects gathered from nature, any natural objects that are meaningful to you, that symbolize the changing of the season, or that just appeal to you for their beauty (shells, plants, flowers, stones…)
  • Crystals can bring powerful healing energies
  • Candles, a symbol of wisdom and insight
  • Incense to connect with your higher self
  • Space cleaning tools (Palo Santo and/or sage)
  • Singing bowl
  • Mala
  • Your journal
  • Oracle cards

What will you put on your altar today?

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